Guided Tours

The incredible story behind Eilat's Botanical Garden! A professional guide, leads the group along the garden paths and terraces built from local stone, using traditional building methods. The group receives explanations about the unique variety of vegetation grown here, from all over the world, carefully adapted to flourish and blossom in extreme desert conditions. An exclusive variety of plants such as the Baobab tree, the Indian almond, coconut fruit, cocoa, Panama berry and other rare trees and plants. We explain the importance of the organic methods we implement, halting the desertification process, use of brackish water for desert crops, deflecting the desert winds, recycling of resources and more. During the tour, visitors are guided along a restored river with desert waterfalls and into a 'rain forest' with a fine mist enveloping and refreshing the visitors,  providing the chance to experience an amazing jungle in the heart of the desert! During the tour, visitors can enjoy fascinating stories about "Marula - the drunken tree", a Date Palm sprouted from a 1250 years old seed and enjoy being exposed to diverse flavours and aromas, from herbs and spices.

The guided tour also tells the story of three entrepreneurs who, against all odds, established a jungle in the desert.


Guided tours are for groups and require advanced booking

The tours can be upgraded to include our special tea infusions and refreshments