Enrichment Workshops

In addition to our guided tours, visitors can participate in enrichment workshops on a variety of topics such as personal empowerment, unique music, health, nature, botany and more.

Tibetan Bowl Music Workshop

A workshop with bowls made of seven metals, each bowl has a certain frequency that works on one of the seven chakras - the energy centers of the body. Their uniqueness is that they influence the body both physically and mentally. Our team of musicians will display the correct use of the bowls, which are unlike crystal bowls for example, that have just one tone. Tibetan bowls set off a vibration that rises, falls and works on energy vibes that enter our body like a spiral. The workshop teaches the effects of music on water (which is amazing ) and on the human body.


Physical Awareness Improvement Workshop

An intriguing workshop combining the Alexander Technique and Yoga, presented by a professional instructor. This workshop aims to improve physical awareness, correct conduct on a daily basis in the workplace, etc. The workshop is suitable for all ages.